Hey guys this is camera geek from accessorygeeks.com showing you today the universal cell phone battery travel charger.

Now this like I said is a universal cell phone battery travel charger. It works by adjusting these two prongs which are the negative and positive ends of an outlet I guess, you adjust these prongs to the contacts of your cell phone battery or actually any battery that’s removable. You can use this on digital cameras that are removable, cell phone batteries anything else that uses the battery you can use it by adjusting the prongs and then plugging it in.

It is true that at accessory geeks we have another universal cell phone battery with an LCD screen that doesn’t have the need to adjust the polar ends but I think one of the great things about this is that you do have to adjust the polar ends at the end. It gives it that little bit more of a geeky edge to a don’t you think? Actually having to move something yourself tinker around with it to get just right at the very geeky thing to do my opinion.

Alright so the way that this works is you first need to remove your battery from your cell phone this is the battery for my cell phone a and you just need to adjust the angle of the prongs are here, that looks very wide to me try them just squeezed all the way together, that might work. And like is that it works with anything that’s removal even with prongs were contacts of the battery that are on top of the battery because the prongs themselves kind of bend out to be able to reach the prongs are little contacts that are inwards like this and got it just right.

This here is the test flight it’s to make sure that you got the polarity correct so if you didn’t know which side was plus or which side was minus this but would let you know. Once it’s charging you or what you get that you take up the back edge the two prongs attribute plug into the AC out let and then a green light which I would show you guys actually what it looks like but I don’t have an extension cord here and autofocus is totally unfocused. Much better. But yeah I don’t have an extension cord here so I can’t really show you access the web a green LED looks like when it’s finished charging or a blinking LED looks like when it is charging but needless to say that it would do those two things. No like it did before we do have one that you don’t have to adjust the polarity to you know figure out tinker up with but the fun in that?

Actually, my boss mentioned to me that he uses this in case of emergency sitting back the drug he said he never knows when he might need it so you know it’s good thing is it’s so small it’s perfect to charges anything but the removable battery and it really could help you out of bind if you are in yesterday situation that you need charger battery because goodness knows there’ve been plenty of situations that I’ve been where my cell phone or camera battery has not been charged in either had a flat tire or you know I saw some sort of spectacle that I could’ve otherwise have photographs but my camera was dead

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