Hi what’s up guys this is JChunGeek with Accessory Geeks.com and today I’m be doing a product review for the Universal Stylus Pen for touch screen with pocket clip and pink silver.

And this is going to work for any of the capacity screen, touch screen, so basically those are the touch screen that are need your actual touch of your skin. This will work for your iphone 4s, your newer Samsung galaxy S phone, galaxy nexus, all the newer touch screen phone, it would work for those.

And what’s cool about this is, it has the pocket clip, so that you can clip it on your pocket make sure that you don’t lose it, and it also has the 3.5 millimeter plug, so you just plug it right into your phone jack on your phone and that will for sure, you know, keep it with your phone wherever your phone goes.

So in case you need it for any reason, maybe you don’t like to use your, like, the fingerprint on the screen or something like that, than you can avoid that by keeping that all the time.

We do have them available on different colors, different styles, we have the shorter ones, as you can see here on the right hand column, smaller one more portable sizes.

We have different lengths and different colors here is more closer view of it. As you can see here its pretty portable size, still long enough for you to draw for draw something on your iPad, it will work for you iPad, tablet, as well as your phones, so actually universal, again that’s why it’s called universal, because it’s not only its work for your phones, cellphones, but it also will work for tablets as well.

Maybe will be more ideal for tablet actually, but again it will work for all capacity of touch screen so you can use it for multiple devices, if you have a phone and a tablet. So that’s great and it has a maximum grip made of hard metals so it’s very durable probably won’t have to buy one for very long time, it should last long time.

So check it out let me know what you guys think, leave us a review here on the review’s tab, so far it has left us a lot of review and give us five stars. So if you think it’s a great item, I think it’s a great item, definitely will purchase one today, we also have a free shipping all day every day, definitely a good bargain.

So check it out guys, let me know what you guys think. So remember guys, you got it from a geek.

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