Hey what’s up guys? This is JChunGeek here with AccessoryGeeks.com. Today I’m going to be bringing you a product review for the awesome, cool Universal Retro Soft Touch Telephone Handset 3.5mm in bewildering baby pink.

This is a really awesome item. If you still worry about radiation or anything like that from you cell phone, you can definitely use this to avoid that and it’s really simple to use. You just plug it into your headphone jack and you can immediately start working right away. So you will be able to answer and end telephone calls. You can adjust the volume if you want and I actually have seen a lot of celebrities who have or use these types of phones. I think I saw Chris Brown having one. He had a gold one, totally matches. And I don’t know if you guys saw the Styles by June. I think it is so persistent to use this type of phone as well and maybe if you don’t like to use your phone by putting your face on your phone when you’re talking and you don’t want to constantly use it on speaker phone and have everyone listen to your conversation, you can plug this in and use this. And we do have this available in different colors as well so check those out and this has that soft touch feeling so it’s not that slick glossy type of finish as you can see in the picture here. It’s more like a matte type of finish and it has a coil like that so it doesn’t get tangled or anything.

And here’s the inside of the phone so you can see where the answer-end buttons are. Really cool item. I don’t know if you guys have seen it around somewhere else but it’s starting the trend. I see this item a lot now in TV and other places so as long as your phone has the 3.5mm headphone jack, it will work for your phone.

So now under description. What else does it say? So it does eliminate 99% of absorbed phone radiation. Noise reduction so the sound quality is really good and again, has the soft touch treatment so it won’t slip out of your hand easily. If you’re on call, you can change it from your cell phone, to your tablet or computer to become a phone or to be on Skype which is a really good function. That’s always really cool. So really love this item. I really love the style of it and again, it’s starting a trend now even among those in the celebrity community but of course you know that.

So check it out guys, I mean let me know what you guys think about how the sound quality is. You know that we do have them in separate different colors as well so check that out guys. Thanks for tuning in and remember, you got it from a geek.

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