Hey what’s up guys? This is your favorite geek, JChunGeek, here with AccessoryGeeks.com doing a product review today on the Universal Toilet Speaker with USB, 3.5mm cords and the Black Plunger Stand combo.

So, normally we do have these sold separately if you just want either the plunge stand or the toilet speaker but this one is just a pretty cool combo and it goes together pretty well. We do have the plunger stand available in different colors as well. This one is particularly bundled with the black one.

Now this is probably not a speaker that you’ve seen often but it does work and it’s totally functional. And it is a toilet. It’s pretty small, compact in size as you can see compared to our plunger stand here. And those plunger stands are pretty small. So portable, you can take it anywhere and then the music does play from inside the toilet seat. And it’s surprisingly pretty loud so it can be heard like from the other room. We tested it out here and it’s pretty loud, surprisingly so. The stand, you can just use it for your cell phone so plunge it on the back of your phone and have it lay there next to your speaker and you just plug in the 3.5mm into your phone or your iPod Touch and you should immediately start hearing the music. It’s a really easy plug-and-play type of thing. You don’t need to do any software adjustments or anything like that. Just a plug-and-play, really easy. And this is how the plunger works if you guys were wondering what that was for.

And it does come with the cables that you need so this end, the one on the far left, goes into the back of the toilet and the USB would need to plug it into your laptop or your wall charger if you have a wall charger adapter. You’ll need one of those. Again the 3.5mm jack, which is the cable right in the middle will go into your device, your 3.5mm device. So anything will work, iPod Touches, iPod Nanos that have 3.5, iPod Shuffles even so it’ll definitely work for all of those.

I mean, I’m sure you’ll get a lot of attention for this. People are wondering where that music is coming from and you show them that toilet speaker. I’m sure you’ll get a pretty weird reaction and I would like to see that. But, yeah check it out. Really cool item and definitely something that a lot of people will be talking about. Yeah, so let me know what you guys think and remember, you got it from a geek.

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