Hey there geeky friends. Marvel Geek here one more time with AccessoryGeeks.com this time bringing you this interesting little product here. I don’t necessarily know if you guys know what this is. No, this is not an overhead view of the Accessory Geeks bathroom. This is our universal toilet speaker, a little speaker inside of there. Pretty small you can see it fits in my hand really cool little nifty little product here. I basically plug it into a 3.5 mm jack. We do have adapters too. if you have a different type. Plug in the USB cable in your computer or your laptop or some other device or power and it will plug in and play music straight from the toilet. So if you are looking to relax or anything like that you definitely have a little portable speaker system and when you close this down it actually muffles the sound just funny and cool at the same time because if you need to turn the down the volume really quickly and you can do that. That is a really neat little nifty product, one of those fun little gifts you can give to people you know for your jokester friends and something like that you can find a real kick out of something like this I would definitely suggest it very easy to assemble put together so you’ve got the cable here that comes with the products and it comes in white. Definitely check it out especially for your new iPhone 4S users or anybody who just know who need something at their desk or at home. I mean that is pretty much it. Remember you can grab this at AccessoryGeeks.com and you got it from a geek!