Hey what’s up? This is JchunGeek with AccessoryGeeks.com and today I’m going to do a product review on the universal toiler speaker with USB and 3.5mm cord in white. And you got it right as I speak it’s a toilet speaker so music does plays from that toilet, something that you don’t quite see, it’s not something that you see often, but it’s becoming a bit popular novelty item as you can see here, it’s really tiny, compact, portable but it got its flip up lid, awesome. And music does come from inside the toilet, there`s like a built in speaker in there and it plays pretty loud. To be honest we did test the item and it’s surprisingly pretty loud.

Pretty cool item, it’s like an ice-breaking item if you are working in a plumbing company or something, this will be so awesome to have this item. This particular item does not come with a wall adapter, you need that though, but we do have a bundle that comes with a wall adapter here, just look for that.

If you already have a wall adapter then you would not need it. And you can just purchase this particular item for a lower price. But again we do have it available with the adapter as well. The adapter can be just like what you get with the iPhone just the wall part and you just plug your USB port to that adapter and it should work.

So as you can see here in this picture, one of the cords will go into the speaker and you plug the 3.5mm jack in to your phone or device, your iPod, your iPhone, your Galaxy phone. Anything that has a 3.5mm output that has a playlist, and you can see movies, not just music. Ideally only for music.

Again you have to plug it into a wall In order for this to work, it would not work if you don’t plug it in at all, so be sure to do that.

And here is more technical stuff, we got here the voltage, and this is not something you can cross each time.

If you are into that kind of novelty we do have them in bundle with plunger stand, which is pretty brilliant. So yeah, pretty good item and a good conversation starter as well.

So guys, hope this video has been helpful, thank you for tuning in and remember you got it from a geek.

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