Hey guys John here again with accessoygeeks.com and what we have in front of you is the new Samsung continuum. It seems we pick it up phone everyday and this unboxing videos is getting kinda hard to keep up with. But here is a Samsung Continuum, some of you might be excited about it, some of you might not be. But we got it nonetheless and let’s do a quick unboxing, so here we go. And there’s the continuum. Pull it out and it says Touch grip sensor and view incoming content to get display. I guess it’s right here and here we go. Here is the back, your camera, lift here to remove the cover. I’ll do it out later. Let’s see what’s in the box. Wow.. Continuum. I’m not sure if you guys follow the event but the live is continuum, really Samsung. But anyways let see what we have, and here we have our Macro USB data cable, which pretty much comes standard on all phones. We have our .. what is this… charging adapter which I assume it’s gonna be for your macro USB charging cable.. I’m gonna open it. Oops.. probably with the scissors but why do that way if you can tear. Ok here we go.. let’s see.. let’s peel this off. And here we go.. there’s a USB port.And the nice little Samsung logo.. kinda with me looking adapter.. It still like HTC by the way.. Here is the battery.. It is a 1500 mm battery.. here we go.. And we have our tips hints and shortcuts which how you could to go through. And this is how the sticker thing works. But let me go ahead and move all this out of the way and bring our phone. Let’s go and peel this off. And as you can see that’s little screen on the bottom. We have our screen on top. Leave its amulet. And peel of the side.. It’s kinda wierd.. Let’s see what else.. what else.. what else.. Here we go. That all taken off, Galaxy S, and I’m assuming this is where the buttons are.. But we’ll see once we power on the phone. Pretty sure we’re gonna activate it. But a quick comparison, this is the continuum.. this is the fastinate.. So.. Let’s get this things all out the way. See how thin there… Obviously the Fascinate is a little bit, actually a lot thinner.. and the width .. Fascinate is wider .. Here we go and height, probably both have the same height. So we’re not gonna notice too much of the difference there. So that’s gonna be that it is thicker in than the fascinate but not as wide as fascinate.. But feels pretty good and I guess if you’re on the go with.. It’s really light and it looks like it’s gonna be really functional as far as using the top screen as well as small ticker on the bottom. But let me go and plug in our battery and we’ll get another video on how this new you eyes gonna work. Until next time.. this is John with accessorygeeks.com reminding you. You got it from a geek.