Tired of your music playlist? Headache in traffic from the banging off the bass? Have you tried listening to podcasts? Podcasts are audio episodes about nearly everything! You can listen to television or radio programs, lectures, work out sessions, and sermons. Podcast use multiple medias to satisfy the eclectic and unique iTunes customer.
There are many reasons why people subscribe to podcasts. iTunes states three primary reasons. First, it is free–anything free is okay with Geeks! Secondly, podcasts are recorded throughout the world, so you can get a wide perspective of the news, culture, and essentially life. Thirdly, new podcasts automatically download into your playlist if you subscribe, so you don’t have to worry about missing the latest episodes.
For those of us who don’t have Podcast, it is fairly easy to download. First, you have to download iTunes, which is also free! Upon downloading iTunes, you will see in your left column the “Podcasts” tab. From there, you can go through the wide arrange of iTunes’ Podcasts and subscribe to your favorites. You can either subscribe to the whole Podcast, which will automatically download previous episodes, as well as future episodes; or you can download the selected few that you want to watch or listen.
My favorite Podcast is WNYC’s Radiolab! I listen to this Podcast while working out, or when I need a break from the day’s wear and tear. These episodes fit my savvy because they are educational and funky. They touch upon subjects from science to politics to supernatural incidents. They start of with a theme and derive episodes from that general key point.
My favorite theme was “Lost&Found,” and my favorite episode from that theme was a story of two lovers. The girlfriend ends up getting into a car accident, while she was on a bicycle. The faithful boyfriend stays by her side and miraculously aids her to her consciousness. Among these stories are stories about pigeons and their innate compass. WNYC expresses the panoply of life experiences within this world and how they are attached by a line of spooky fate, rather than coincidence.
I can go on and on and ramble about more episodes that enlighten me; or I can talk about Podcasts that have helped me work out, catch up on the news, or strengthen my faith by listening to sermons. However, I cannot begin to touch upon the mass Podcasts that are available on iTunes. The best thing to do is trust a Geek and explore for yourself. You will find yourself browsing for hours looking for the Podcasts that best suits your quirky side! Or if you can’t find something you like, feel free to record your own Podcast!