Although 123inkcartrides has primarily focused on printer and toner products, the company is expanding its product line to include computer and mobile device accessories. The expansion includes a new array of cases, protective covers, cables, chargers and other accessories designed for the iPhone 4/4s, iPad 2 and new iPad.

The new line of protective iPhone cases comes in a variety of different designs and colors, including a line of high-quality leather cases made with a downy leopard skin design and a sparkling diamond electroplating case. In addition to cases, the company also offers iPhone screen covers to protect against fingerprints and other smudges.

123inkcartrides is also offering a line of iPad accessories, including cases and screen protectors. The Maclove Genuine Leather Baron Case, for example, offers sleek protection that fits over the iPad 2 and new iPad. In addition to offering scratch and smudge protection, the screen protectors don't interfere with the iPad's touch screen.