The new LG laptops coming out soon will be converting our 2D images to 3D images via TriDef software. This is as you could probably guess not going to be the most mind blowing and insane version of 3D media you have ever seen since it is one of the first in the business to do that. I do find that the computer in general is very nice running with a Core I7 processor, Nividia GeForce GT425M, with a 1GB DDR of RAM. In general this will be a very powerful machine but if you are truly looking for the ability to have 3D media in your laptop this would be what you are looking for. I find there are only two major flaws I find personally with the computer. For starters it will not be released in the U.S. until later on, and secondly since it will be a pioneering device in the industry the TriDef software may not have completely worked out all of the bugs in the software.

Sources: Gizmodo