Mobile Fun recently released a line of Kindle accessories to appease in-print book purists. The KleverCase for the Kindle Touch is designed to look like an old-school book cover, proving once again that it's not wise to judge a book by its cover.

The KleverCase comes in different designs, featuring literary-themed designs like Sherlock Holmes and The Man with the Golden Gun. The case offers more than a vintage look, as it also functions as a protective case that securely holds the Kindle in place.

For users who aren't into classic fiction, Mobile Fun offers a line of other Kindle cases that are still book-themed but don't showcase any specific titles. The SD TabletWear Book case for the Kindle and Kindle Touch offers access to basic functions while covering the device in a stylish leather cover. The inside has an interior pocket for storing receipts and notes, and the case itself features a convenient magnetic closing mechanism.