Google's Android and Apple's iOS are widely considered to be the dominant mobile operating systems in today's tech world. Fierce competition exists between the two platforms, with Android appearing to be superior according to some metrics while others favor iOS, according to CNET.

The news source reports that Android is generally thought to dominate in terms of total smartphones sold with the platform installed, with 43.7 percent of U.S. smartphone users having an Android device and 27.7 percent owning an iPhone in August. Tablet computer figures are the opposite – the iPad is stated as controlling 66.6 percent of the tablet market by comparison to Android's 26.9 percent.

In terms of platform dominance, the figures for web usage and downloads of software smartphone accessories vary. While more than 500,000 apps are available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch to Android's 250,000, Android boasts a higher share of the download market, with 44 percent to iOS's 31 percent.

According to Forbes, Apple accounts for 52 percent of all profits in the smartphone industry, with a 4.2 percent share of the global market. The company is expected to set new records for iPhone sales in the first quarter of its 2012 fiscal year.