Want an IPhone but don’t want to pay for that expensive IPhone plan or the IPhone itself. There is one alternative open to you though if you have an IPod Touch. As I am sure we all know the IPod Touch and the IPhone have always been very similar in design. The newest IPod Touch even had the front facing camera like the IPhone 4, and this makes apps like Skype and other video messaging apps more readily available. There are ways though to turn your IPod Touch into an IPhone. YOu simply need a compatible headset, wi-fi, and an app such as Line 2 which gives you unlimited calling and text in the U.S. and Canada for $10. That is considerably cheaper than an IPhone plan. The best option if you have the money is to just get the IPhone but if you don’t check out Lifehacker for more details on this.

Source: Lifehacker