The world of iPad and iPhone accessories is tough for the money- and space-efficient user. Normally, a user may have to carry individual enhancements for each accessory, but Octa has solved that problem with its Vacuum Dock + WhaleTail stand. It's designed for the iPad, but it also fits most tablets and e-readers

The rounded stand attaches to the back of the device, and the petite design makes it easy for users to pick up the iPad with the stand still attached. It weighs less than 6 ounces, making it a good option for portability, and, as the name might suggest, the base of the stand features a whale tail-shaped design.

The WhaleTail utilizes vacuum suction technology to adhere to the back of the iPad and other tablet devices. In addition to the whole stand being lightweight, the tail portion is highly flexible, which allows users to utilize horizontal and vertical viewing angles. At a cost of $49.95, the all-in-one accessory won't break the bank.