With more iPhones, Kindles and other devices than ever, it only makes sense there is a bigger market for accessories such as cell phone batteries and phone cases, according to one expert.

"Smartphones are generally higher-value products, so consumers are willing to spend more on accessories," Patrick Hayat, managing director of emerging markets for Belkin Middle East and Africa, told Gulf News. "There is also a shift to higher-quality accessories, replacing the cheap, white-label products."

Hayat told the news source the market for smartphone accessories is expected to double to more than $50 million after making $25 million in the Gulf region for 2011. The news source also spoke to Michael Morgan, a senior analyst for mobile devices at ABI Research, who expects the global accessories market to top $20 billion this year.

ABI Research made big market predictions two years ago when it forecast the market to be worth more than $50 billion by 2015. That represents an annual growth rate of 11.4 percent, but with new iPad and iPad accessories out now, the industry could see much bigger growth.