With the plethora of new mobile phone accessories hitting the market, there seems to be something for everyone. Entrepreneur.com recently reported that some of these new gadgets and add-ons may not only improve the way a smartphone looks, but also it's overall effectiveness.

"These tools can allow you to accomplish a number of important tasks, from printing or digitizing documents, to making presentations to extending your battery life," Ray writes on the website.

The news source said there are now accessories that can allow people to print on the go, such as the HP Office Jet 100 Mobile Printer and the Brother PocketJet 6 Plus. For those who want to use their devices more as an online-only device, there are small projectors, such as the 3M Mpro150 Pocket Projector, the Vivitek Qumi Q2 and the Dell M110 Ultra Mobile Projector that can aid people making presentations on the go.

There are also accessories out there that can help digitize documents and extend battery life, which can be extremely beneficial for people constantly on the go.

New Mobile Phone Apps' website said there are other cell phones accessories that can help increase efficiency, including an attachable keyboard for those who do not like using the touchpad on smartphones.