A new cellphone extra battery pack is drawing some attention from the Coolest Gadgets blog, which reports that the company iWalk has about 12 docking battery models ranging from 800 mAh to 15,000 mAh. While the blog said many companies have mobile phone accessories similar to this, they said iWalk does something a bit more unique.

"For example, they have the world’s first dual USB car charger with power switch," the blog said. "They also have the world’s smallest 800 mAh rechargeable docking backup iPhone/iPod battery, where sleek power switch batteries are merged seamlessly with a color-customizable hard case. The company also makes the first iPod/iPhone/iPad charging cable with a built-in indicator light."

Other products from the company include the Sound Angle, which the blog said is a wireless Bluetooth speaker for smartphones that looks like a tiny triangle. The blog believes with accessories like this, iWalk should make a decent splash in the mobile market this year with relatively affordable products.

IWalk's website shows that the company also makes iPad 2 accessories, phone covers and more. People looking for accessories should keep an eye on companies such as iWalk to see if anything new and innovative that tickles their fancy.