For anyone who has Apple products, Gigaom put together a list of things anyone would love to get for a holiday gift, including iPad 2 accessories and iPod 2 accessories, among other things.

Geoffery Goetz said for those with Mac products, a protective iPhone case, a MacBook bag, a smart stylus or a portable iOS keyboard could all be great accessories for Apple lovers. He said an affordable headset could be a great way to give people comfort and good sound at an affordable price and a desktop cable organizer could be great for someone who has too many wires around their tablets and computers.

"We all know how cumbersome a workspace can get when you have too many cables," he writes. "That mess doesn’t mesh with Apple’s clean design lines. That’s where the Quirky Metal Cordies come in. For $15, you get a means of managing your cables that matches your Mac’s design aesthetics."

For the iPhone owner, iPhone App Cafe recommends the Calypso Crystal dock, which is a stylish clear dock sure to please anyone who needs mobile phone accessories.