Typing on a touch pad while trying to hold a tablet up isn't always the easiest thing in the world, so new iPad 2 accessories will allow owners of the Apple tablet to strap the tablet to their neck and type on it like something of a typewriter.

"Essentially, GoPad is a deluxe iPad stand that can be manipulated – along with some of the extra accessories like the GoStrap shoulder harness – to allow the tablet to be used in a variety of positions and instances," GizMag said of the product. The company that manufactured the accessory said users can include taking orders in a restaurant, playing video games on the go or reclining and playing with a device instead of having to bend forward.

There are also versions of this GoPad accessory available for the Samsung Galaxy Tab, BlackBerry PlayBook and Motorola Xoom. A GoPad for the Kindle Fire will be coming out pretty soon as well, the company said.

These portable iPad 2 accessories will retail for about $89 and are slated to ship out in mid-March.