While iPhone covers and cases may somewhat shield a phone from the effects of a drop or fall, there is still a significant risk of damage. One product, the Feinger, is a two-part system that adheres to the back of any phone and also attaches a case to help prevent drops and falls, hopefully expanding the life of the device.

"You’ll want to go with the Sleeve, though, which slips over your finger (hence 'The Feinger') and looks really cool," Time's Techland blog said of the accessory. "Cellphone lanyards have been around forever, but they’re still very much in style from what I hear, eclipsed in coolness only by belt clips and Bluetooth headsets. If you really want to get the whole experience, there are several optional Feinger accessories as well."

Phandroid calls the Feinger a "must-have" accessory for any device, going so far to call it "the best smartphone accessory ever made." The company has posted a creative video showcasing the accessory and how it can help prevent users from dropping their phone.

While cell phone cases do part of the job, innovation like this may help people keep their iPhones and Androids safe for years to come. This device costs about $15 – well worth the price to protect a valuable smartphone.