Those looking for a way to type on their tablet more easily should take a look at new iPad accessories that will look to essentially turn the iPad into a laptop. The Clamcase looks to turn the iPad into the MacBook Air by using a mirror to display the screen in a larger size and has a complete keyboard and multi-touch trackpad. There's also the ClamBook, another product from the same company, that allows the iPad to look like a laptop.

"The ClamBook is an interesting solution to the convergence conundrum. It is not tied to a single device or manufacturer, as the makers promise compatibility with iPhones and Android devices," PC Magazine said. "The MacBook Air lookalike features a slim aluminum construction that is, in fact, thinner than its OSX counterpart."

Apps will be "supersized" to 13.3 inches of an LED backlit screen with WXGA resolution. The news source said it remains to be seen how well this will work in the iOS environment, but so far prospects are good.

According to the Clamcase website, these iPad accessories are made from ultra-durable Bayer Polycarbonate ABS, which ensures the device will stay as safe as possible when its in the case.