Not too long after it’s failures with Windows Mobile Acer moved onto a new OS, namely Android OS. After the recent launch of their Android phones it appears that there are some indications that the Acer will be making a move towards making a Windows Phone 7 phone themselves. With the recent success of their Android based phones, it won’t be much of a gamble if they make one or two Windows Phone 7. The CEO Gianfranco Lanci, has even come out to say that he sees as much customization possibilities with Windows Phone 7 as he does with Android. With the possible addition of a Windows Phone 7 Acer will be a manufacturer which possesses deices which run MeeGo, Chrome OS, Windows Phone 7, Android, and Windows. It will be no surprise if they rack up at least one device with every OS aside from Blackberry OS.

Sources: Engadget All Things D