With a plethora of iPad 2 accessories already out on the market, it may be time for Amazon's Kindle Fire to thrive in the accessory market. The new SOOT Acoustic Kickstand is now out, which allows the device to stand up and further project its sound.

"To be honest, while our tablets allow us to do a variety of tasks, such as listening to music, watching movies, surfing the web, etc., generally [their] built-in speakers leave much to be desired, which is where the SOOT Acoustic Kickstand comes in," UberGizmo said of the product. "Designed for the Amazon Kindle Fire in the mind, the SOOT Acoustic Kickstand, as its name implies, will utilize natural acoustics to project the sound from the tablet back to the user at louder levels."

A chamber at the back of the kickstand is able to reflect sound back to the front at louder levels while letting the Kindle stand upright. The device is still on the Kickstarter level and has no release date.

SOOT's website said the long-term goal is to make the device expand beyond the Kindle. This may mean there will be more iPad 2 accessories in the near future, but for now there is something for Kindle users to look forward to.