Adobe, the maker of one of the world's top imaging software products, is entering the cloud computing and tablet markets with the release of Adobe Touch Apps and the Adobe Creative Cloud.

The move may make mobile computing more viable for design and media professionals. Although the apps have a limited number of imaging functions compared to Adobe's traditional personal computer software, combined with the company's new cloud service, the development could prove to be a boon for many working in media-related businesses.

"Adobe Touch Apps deliver high-impact creative expression to anyone who has a tablet," said Kevin Lynch, Adobe's chief technology officer. "With Adobe imaging magic coming to tablet devices, new apps like Photoshop Touch will open your mind about the potential of the touch interface for creativity and demonstrate that tablets are an essential part of anyone’s creative arsenal."

With mobile accessories such as stylus pens and docking keyboards, users of the new service will be able to create and alter files and send them to the Adobe Creative Cloud for storage and retrieval. If other major media-based software manufacturers follow in Adobe's footsteps, a personal computer may no longer be necessary for professional image and video production.