Although Amazon has brought about a considerable degree of success for itself with its Kindle e-reader devices and recent Kindle Fire tablet computer, that market success has not been free of complications. The company revealed that it had been subjected to a number of different intellectual property lawsuits regarding the devices, most recently by the companies SmartPhone Technologies and LVL Patent Group.

According to BBC News, a recent Amazon filing confirms that since January 2011, the company has been accused of infringing on 30 different patents for tablet computer accessories and related technologies, in lawsuits filed by 11 companies. Two of the patent infringement claims have been dismissed, while the others remain active as of the end of October 2011.

The news source reports that this is a significant increase from the amount of intellectual property theft claims filed in 2010. During that year, three companies filed lawsuits over four patents – Amazon settled one and is still engaged in litigation with the rest. It is speculated that more claims are likely to come as the Kindle remains in the market.

ZDNet reported in early October that the first suit against the Kindle Fire was filed before the device had become commercially available.