With new tablets, devices and cell phone accessories in the mobile industry this year, one survey foresees Microsoft and Amazon making big waves in the mobile industry in 2012. Chetan Sharma Consulting's 2012 Mobile Industry Predictions Survey said the two technology giants will see big play in mobile this year.

While Amazon and Microsoft may see some ground gained in 2012, Google is still dominating with its Android operating system, the survey said. Even so, Amazon's entry into the mobile space is predicted to be the second biggest story of the year after mobile payments and commerce being the main focus for the year.

"The interest in Amazon certainly owes a lot to the newness of the e-commerce pioneer’s move into mobile computing, with the late 2011 debut of the Kindle Fire tablet," according to Xconomy. "So there’s clearly a lot more room for Jeff Bezos and company to grow."

Mobile phone accessories and other things will play a big role in the continued surge of the mobile industry in general. As more devices come out, more money will be spent on devices in the industry, which can only mean good things for every company involved.