Although the iPad has reined as the top-selling and most popular tablet since the first release, it may face a fierce competitor by the end of the year. is reportedly in the process of developing a fully web-enabled tablet, with features similar to current offerings by Apple and Android-based companies, rather than the e-reader style of the Kindle. Speculation that the new device would use an Android operating system would make it an immediate contender in the tablet market if the cost is low enough.

Price is likely to be key for Amazon's expected release, as no other tablets have been able to touch the production numbers of the iPad. If the company is willing to take a loss on sales like it has in the past with Kindles – by securing profit on service and feature purchases like applications – it may be able to not only undercut current Android offerings, but also challenge Apple's popular line of tablets and iPad accessories.

Another possible winning feature of the expected Amazon device would be its size. Kindles are comparatively thin, as are iPads, which could be a selling point for die-hard Apple fans.