For users of smartphones and tablet computers running the Android mobile operating system, the Amazon App Store has developed a reputation as an ideal mobile application marketplace. Recently, the online retailer updated the marketplace's offerings with new software smartphone accessories, in what is being seen as a preparation for the launch of the company's Kindle Fire tablet.

According to TG Daily, the primary changes that have been made to the Amazon platform are to its user interface. Subscriber content, free or discounted apps and featured items are now much easier for consumers to find and take advantage of.

The news source reports that even before the lead-up to the Kindle Fire's release, the Amazon App Store had, for many Android users, eclipsed the popularity of the official Android Market, which is directly overseen by Android's owner, Google. Reasons for the Android Market's lack of appeal to users include a confusing interface and problems with the search function.

Additionally, Amazon's marketplace for Android apps has become a prominent channel through which developers are testing their newest offerings.

A recent report cited by the Los Angeles Times noted that the Kindle Fire is expected to sell 3 to 5 million units from the day of its release to the close of 2011.