The beleaguered webOS is back in the news, and this time it may be scooped up by a promising newcomer to the mobile industry.

After HP announced it would stop developing products to run on the operating system, rumors have speculated that multiple firms, including a few smartphone manufacturers currently using Android on most of their devices, were in talks to buy the Palm product.

New reports indicate that Amazon has met with HP to discuss acquiring webOS. A few months ago, the idea may have seemed ludicrous, as Amazon was only in the business of e-readers and online retail. Since the company recently released the Kindle Fire tablet-style device, however, speculation is catching attention in the tech industry.

VentureBeat listed an anonymous source as saying that HP wants to sell webOS – rather than spin off a new business branch dedicated to mobile phone accessories and devices – and that Amazon is the front runner for the acquisition.

Amazon's highly anticipated Kindle Fire, however, runs on Google's Android. If it buys an entirely new operating system, the company would either develop an entirely new line of mobile products or rethink its existing plan, either of which would be a large expense.