Amazon has apparently recognized that the media tablet market is a lucrative one, as the ecommerce giant reportedly has plans to release a tablet of its own this fall.

As the Wall Street Journal recently reported, Amazon and Apple had competed in the mobile software and digital content markets for years, and the addition of a tablet from Amazon would only seem to heat up the intensity of the battle.

Apple, of course, has had tremendous success with its iPad, and, as of yet, no other company has offered much in terms of competition in the tablet market. But Amazon would enter the market with the strength of its eReader, the Kindle, behind it, which could prove beneficial.

However, one analyst told the news provider that it was unclear whether Amazon would be able to compete with Apple in terms of hardware. According to the report, Amazon's tablet is expected to feature a 9-inch touchscreen, but it will not include a camera. While this may allow Amazon to offer a more affordable tablet, the device's functionality may come into question.

While Amazon's standing in the tablet market will have to wait to be seen, it is evident that consumers are enthusiastic about the technology in general. According to a recent report from Compass Intelligence, one in five Americans plan to purchase a tablet within the next year.