The iPhone covers people when it comes to being able to listen to great music, but the speakers included on the phone really aren't the greatest things in the world. IPEVO, a designer and maker of accessories and other technology products, are releasing the Tubi Sound Amplifer to help fix this problem for third- and fourth- generation iPhones.

With a shape like a mix between an old-fashioned record players and a brass instrument, the Tubi is a very cool device, but with high quality comes high cost, as the device costs about $1,000.

"We pulled no punches with Tubi," explained Royce Hong, CEO and big head of design of IPEVO. "We wanted to offer a bold, unmistakable showpiece for iPhone owners and music lovers. … The iconic phonograph horn has been updated with the elegant, modern aesthetic that our customers have come to expect from IPEVO products. Aurally and visually, Tubi is simply enchanting. It has a unique ability to impress and excite."

This system significantly increases the iPhone volume and creates a fuller sound by casting sound waves out in many directions. Music lovers everywhere will enjoy this if they can afford the price tag.