While Microsoft is understandably jockeying to get more Windows Phone-based devices on the market, new figures from industry observer Horace Dediu show the software giant makes five times more income from Android-based devices.

Crunching numbers from several different reports, Dediu estimated that Microsoft has made roughly $30 million through Windows Phone revenue.

Meanwhile, as part of a patent settlement, smartphone manufacturer HTC pays Microsoft $5 for each Android-based phone it sells. Citing figures from Citi analyst Walter Pritchard, HTC has shipped around $30 million Android-based smartphones, meaning Microsoft has received $150 million in Android revenue.

Writing for the Asymco blog, Dediu noted that Microsoft may be able to receive a similar settlement from roughly half of the Android-based device makers. This, in turn, could mean some serious bread from Microsoft.

Despite this convenient revenue source, Microsoft would undoubtedly like to see greater success of its own Windows Phone 7. This success may be just around the corner, as IDC predicts Microsoft's mobile OS to be the No. 2 software smartphone OS by 2015.