After already capturing the hearts of millions of iOS and Android users, Rovio's Angry Birds is ready to move on to the next platform, recently making its debut on Microsoft's mobile operating system Windows Phone 7.

Perhaps this is the break for which Microsoft has been waiting. Industry analysts have predicted good things in the software giant's future, but, as of yet, they haven't come to fruition.

OK, maybe banking on Angry Birds to push Windows Phone over the top is asking a bit much, but as a recent Engadget report asserted, "Nowadays, you can't really claim to have a mobile OS worthy of the title if yours users can't run Angry Birds on it."

The addictive bird-launching adventure can be picked up from the Windows Phones Marketplace for $2.99, Engadget noted, but, as with iOS and Android, there are also several free versions available as well.

More likely to attribute to Windows Phone's success is Microsoft's alliance with mobile giant Nokia, which will make Microsoft software a staple of its upcoming mobile phones. According to experts, the first Nokia/Microsoft handset is expected to be available before the end of the year.