A lucky San Francisco bar patron may be the owner of the first iPhone 5 outside of Apple's tightly secured walls.

Rumors are flying that a prototype of the yet-to-be-released model of the popular smartphone was lost at Cava 22, a Mission District Mexican bar and restaurant. The strangest detail of the misstep is that it's a repeat of the same problem one year ago: Before the iPhone 4 was released, a model was found in a German-style beer hall in Redwood City, California, and sold to a news source for thousands of dollars.

Losing a phone in a bar is nothing new, but the fact that Apple employees have twice managed to leave a highly-anticipated, unreleased model behind just when consumer hype is raising some eyebrows. Although Apple is famous for its tight-lipped policy on new products, the similarity of the two events suggests a purposeful media move. If nothing else, the bar owner may see more business from eager Apple enthusiasts awaiting the fall release of the iPhone 5.

"I guess I have to make my drinks a little less strong," owner Jose Valle said.

The phone was reportedly sold by whomever discovered it, although it may not be usable. The owner may also have a hard time finding iPhone accessories for a device not set to be released for several weeks.