Those of you living in a mobile world but still find yourselves pining for the days of Nintendo's Duck Hunt are in luck, as recently announced the launch of a new gun-like dock accessory for the iPhone.

Dubbed the appBlaster, the new mobile phone accessory is designed to let users blast away invading hordes in the first person shooter app Alien Attack for the iPhone and iPad.

The appBlaster uses the mobile device's touchscreen and motion sensitivity features to allow gamers to battle the alien invasion. To use the mobile phone accessory, simpy attach the iPhone or iPad to the appBlaster, open the app and blast away.

Sure, the plastic appBlaster is a bit big and somewhat clunky looking, but who can worry about such things when they're busy taking out cartoony aliens? Plus, the orange and white color scheme is likely to recall the good ol' days of Nintendo's own video game blaster.

While the appBlaster's success in the market is still up in the air, there's no question that mobile apps are growing increasingly popular. A new study from Flurry Analytics found Americans spend an average of 81 minutes per day using mobile apps – 47 percent of that time is spent gaming.