There are many iPhone and iPad 2 accessories that amplify a device's sound or allow a user to communicate with people in different ways, but Invoxia is now showing off its new AudiOffice accessory, which helps turn a device into a desktop phone with video conferencing capabilities.

"AudiOffice by Invoxia transforms the iPhone into the best office phone for professionals by offering an incredible sound quality when using the handset, in conference mode or listening to music," the company said. "The AudiOffice's ultra-innovative design allows professionals to participate in conference calls with an unparalleled quality of sound. It's In Vivo Acoustic technology, four wide-bandwidth speakers as well as two digital microphones creates the sensation of a physical presence of the person when in conference mode on the call; this is what Invoxia calls sound spacialization."

This accessory can be paired with Bluetooth, and the company said it is looking to offer a "seamless solution" for people to be able to connect to any USB, phone jack or Bluetooth device with this accessory.

These iPhone and iPad accessories allow people to use Skype and Facetime without having to go through a computer. The app for this accessory is free, allowing for simple installation and use.