Charlie Miller, a software security researcher and former Apple developer, recently developed a mobile device application called InstaStock. When it was found to contain malware that could be used to steal information from other users, the company banned it from its App Store of software smartphone accessories and officially suspended Miller's status as a licensed developer.

According to ITProPortal, Miller has stated that he did not intend to use the malware he included in InstaStock for any illegal or malicious purposes of his own. Rather, he claimed that he meant for the app, which had been available on the App Store since September, to illustrate an alleged flaw he claimed to have discovered in the platform. He planned to formally demonstrate this glitch at a tech security conference scheduled for next week.

The alleged security flaw, in Miller's view, could allow other genuinely malicious developers to steal user data from anyone downloading a compromised app. He commented on his account suspension through his Twitter account.

"First they give researchers access to developer programs, although I paid for mine, then they kick them out…for doing research," the tweet stated, according to the news source.

Before his developer's license was revoked by Apple, Forbes reports that Miller had made his findings public knowledge, posting a video online demonstrating how the security flaw could be exploited by hackers.