Although many of the high-profile cases in the ongoing intellectual property dispute between Samsung and Apple have been outside the United States, one of the most recent came to a temporary close in a California district court on December 2. In this courtroom, Judge Lucy Koh denied Apple the injunction it sought, which would have banned Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1, Galaxy S 4G, Infuse 4G and Droid Charge from American stores.

According to PC Magazine, Koh's refusal to grant an injunction stemmed from her belief that Apple would not experience insurmountable difficulties in the mobile and smartphone accessories market if the Samsung devices remained available for U.S. sale. She also stated that Apple lacked valid grounds to argue for intellectual property infringement based on the evidence it submitted.

The news source reports that the case is being put on hold until July 30, 2012, when a final ruling will be handed down. Many believe that the final outcome in this matter, whether it favors Apple or Samsung, will not benefit Apple in the long run.

At the close of market trading in Seoul, South Korea, on December 2, shares of Samsung stock had risen 1.5 percent, a spike attributed by some to the company's legal victory, according to Bloomberg.