Continuing the ongoing patent dispute between the two companies, Apple recently filed a lawsuit against Samsung in South Korea, Bloomberg reported.

According to the suit filed with the Seoul Central District Count on June 22, Apple is accusing Samsung of patent infringement, alleging that the Samsung Galaxy S smartphone "slavishly" imitates the design and technology of the iPhone 3.

This latest lawsuit adds to a growing number of legal disputes between the two companies. In April, Apple filed a suit against Samsung in the United States, alleging the South Korea-based electronics manufacturer infringed upon seven of Apple's smartphone patents.

In retaliation, Samsung has filed suits against Apple in the United States, Korea, Japan and Germany.

With disputes between Samsung and Apple, Apple and Motorola, Motorola and Microsoft – and Microsoft and the world – smartphone lawsuits are plentiful. Recently, Nokia announced that it settled a lawsuit with Apple, which will see Apple start paying royalties to the Finnish smartphone maker.