With another year almost in the books, the changes in the technology landscape can now be more easily seen. Malaya.com said the Apple iPhone 4S, the latest smartphone from the Cupertino, California-based company that has a number of new iPhone accessories, is one mobile device that changed the mobile landscape in 2011.

"Aside from its much-awaited features, the iPhone 4s was highly-anticipated mainly because it was the last Apple product that was unveiled to the public before the death of its iconic owner, Steve Jobs," wrote Richmond Mercurio.

Other phones that helped change technology in 2011 include the Nokio N90, the Samsung Galaxy Note and the Lenovo S800 Phone.

Josh Hunt of the Futurist said that Siri, the voice assistant featured on the iPhone 4S, was a breakthrough for the industry and may change the way other phone manufacturers develop devices. To go along with the smartphone, Apple and other companies created numerous iPhone accessories, such as cases and headphones, to enhance the user experience.