While many are still catching up on buying iPad 2 accessories, Computerworld reports that Apple is developing iPad 3 and may look to launch the new version of the device in March 2012.

"With the iPad 3 and its high-res display, faster processor and potential inclusion of a new Thunderbolt port heading to the shelves, Apple's season of goodwill seems set to continue," Johnny Evans writes on Computerworld. "The company seems unlikely to lose its tablet industry lead. Over 40 percent of smartphones owners who use RIM, Windows or Android phones prefer Apple's iPad to tablets from their current smartphone operating system makers, a survey claims."

DisplaySearch analyst Ricahrd Shim said Apple will "definitely" have a high resolution screen for the iPad 3, according to BGR. Shim said production has started on the device and said there are three suppliers thus far.

Computerworld said Trefis believes the iPad 3 will be a high performance version fo the tablet with features such as Siri and other voice recognition software. The company agrees with Shim in saying that the new iPad may also have a high resolution screen, all of which is good news for Apple fans.