Those who love having iPhone cases that bring in better picture lenses may be pleasantly surprised to know that more options may soon be on the way. According to a new patent filed by Apple, the company is working on a new camera system that would allow users to replace the back of the phone for a new camera setting or  lense.

"A removable panel is coupled to the case and held in a second defined positional relationship to the case that covers the digital imaging subsystem without the removable panel being directly connected to the digital imaging subsystem," the application's filing abstract stated.

The application added that it would be desirable for users to have a compact device that would allow them to reconfigure the optical nature of their phone while still keeping the benefits of assembling the device using a "pre-assembled digital imaging subsystem." Whether this will affect the size or shape of a new iPhone is still left for guessing, but this could be a very cool addition to the Apple family.

While this could eventually affect how iPhone cases are built or made, users should keep in mind that nothing is for certain with this patent thus far.