While there have been some pretty cool iPad accessories out over the past year, Apple has filed a patent for the first coded magnet for an iPad smart cover, according to Patently Apple.

"Apple's invention generally relates to a system, method and apparatus for releasably attaching the iPad smart cover accessory to an iPad," the website said. "The iPad Smart Cover includes at least an accessory body and a magnetic assembly pivotally connected to the accessory body."

The magnetic cover would help lock the iPad in and allow the iPad to stay in place. The website said there would be 110 magnets located on either side of the device, and there could be even more magnets added.

Another feature of this patent is the "foldable triangles," according to Patently Apple. This would allow the device to be folded in closer to the case and allow for better protection of the expensive device.

Apple said the iPad accessories currently have a slim build with an aluminum back. The company said it still allows the tablet to feel like an iPad while giving it protection.