Apple has apparently heard the criticism from pundits and consumers alike and has decided to reverse its controversial new in-app subscription policy, dropping pricing guidelines for apps purchased in the App Store, MacRumors recently reported.

Under the new policy, publishers will no longer be required to offer subscriptions for equal or lower value for apps that can be found purchased outside of the App Store. Instead, publishers will be restricted from including a button that includes a link to purchase the app from an external source.

This is a significant change from the subscription policy Apple introduced in February. Under the original guidelines, publishers were required to pay Apple a 30 percent cut of whatever revenue it received from in-app subscriptions. However, the revised policy has no such restrictions for content sold outside of the app.

"This is a significant reversal from Apple's position in February, and it will have a major impact on the strategy of content providers regarding the App Store," stated MacRumors.

Though controversial, Apple's original policy was a strategic one, as mobile app downloads are expected to skyrocket in coming years. According to recent figures from In-Stat, 48 billion apps will be downloaded by 2015.