The chief competition in the mobile device market, on the mobile operating system side, is generally considered to be a race between Apple's iOS and Google's Android. Recently, a report by marketing analytics firm Net Applications, gauging the web traffic share of every major mobile OS, found that Apple had surged ahead considerably in terms of the online presence of its users, between July and November 1.

According to CNN Money, Apple iOS's advantage stems largely from the popularity of the devices featuring it – the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Although Android and other mobile OS systems such as Windows Phone and the BlackBerry OS are featured on devices comparable to the iPad and iPhone, they have no device to match the iPod Touch.

The news source reports that iOS' share of web traffic rose by 33.6 percent over the past four months. According to Net Applications' statistics, this gives Apple a current total of 61.64 percent of mobile web usage, a number that is itself 7 percentage points above its October total. Android smartphones sell in higher numbers, but only occupy 19 percent of mobile web traffic.

GigaOM reports that the spike in Apple traffic may be attributable to the release of the iPhone 4S smartphone and its new iOS 5 mobile software.