Although people flocked to buy new Apple iPad tablets in mid-March, the old versions of the tablet and iPad 2 accessories remain very popular. Editors at TabletPCreview, however, recently wondered whether they are actually obsolete or if they still have some use. The news source spoke with Gerry Purdy, principal analyst of MobileTrax, who said the situation arises from a combination of speed of innovation and smart business.

“It’s not that Apple builds their parts to fail in 24 months,” he told the news source. “They build them to last. But they do take advantage of improvements and advances in technology to build products that are better. I’m sure Apple takes into account planned obsolescence by leveraging their new technology so that most people who have their older devices will want to get the new, improved unit. I call this the ‘drool factor.’"

People without a lot of money who want to stay up with the current trend should keep a watch on what is being developed for the new iPad, according to the website.

The new iPad offers the same user experience but is better all around than the iPad 2, according to a review from tech website GigaOM. While a replacement of the old iPad and iPad accessories may not be necessary, the website does indicate the new device works much quicker and better than the iPad 2.