OtterBox recently announced a new series of iPhone cases that it promises will be the toughest case they've built.

The upcoming Armor series case is a protective phone case that covers multiple kinds of danger. Covered in a thermoplastic shell, the Armor case is dustproof, waterproof, crushproof and drop proof. While not many other details have been released, the case will be available June 24.

For users who need an iPhone case a little sooner, OtterBox already has a few different options. Perhaps a prequel to the Armor series, the Defender features a high-impact polycarbonate shell, protecting against drops, dust and damage. The case also has a built-in silicone screen protector that doesn't block access to the touchscreen. The case itself allows access to all of the iPhone's features.

There are plenty of iPhone cases that surround the phone in layers upon layers of protective material, but the Reflex series adapts to a fall. The case leaves a pocket of air between the iPhone and the exterior, allowing the case to flex in response to impacts for more shock absorption.