Gone are the days when the simple leather case and a car charger were the only accessories you needed to complement your mobile device. In the age of smartphones, an entirely new slew of mobile phone accessories has emerged.

Technology publication Fierce Wireless recently published a report on the most innovative handset accessories on the market today. While the report acknowledged that Bluetooth and cell phone cases are not likely to go away, a "new crop" of products has surfaced that may eventually become staples.

Among the most innovative accessories, according to Fierce Wireless, are wireless charging pads, pico projectors, HDMI cables and smartphone docks. The latter, such as the laptop dock offered by Motorola for its new Atrix smartphone, is a particularly compelling accessory. The dock attempts to bridge the gap between smartphone and laptop – combining the portability of a smartphone with the broader capabilities of a laptop.

"There are some interesting new options in the market," NPD Group analyst Ross Rubin told the news provider. "As handsets sprout more features and can do more things, it has opened the door for new accessories."

According to a recent Global Industry Analysts report, 1.6 billion smartphones will be in use worldwide by 2017. As the technology continues to expand, clamor for mobile phone accessories will likely follow suit.