While plenty of iPhone cases will let users charge their iPhone via a plug, one new case announced will look to help keep the device charged through solar power. The cases, which are being created by Ascent Solar Technologies, have already proved profitable as the company saw a big rise in their stocks, Bloomberg reported.

The company, based in Colorado, saw their stocks raise 48 percent to 86 cents, according to the news source. This is the biggest rise they have seen since August 2011. The rise came after the company announced the solar case, which will consist of a battery paired with copper-indium-gallium-selenide, or CIGS, thin-film solar cells.

"This is what Ascent has been trying to do for several years – leverage its technology in the consumer market," Adam Krop, an analyst with Ardour Capital Partners, said according to the Denver Post.

According to the Post, the company has been losing money since it started to develop new technologies and had to cut its budget, but the growth in the smartphone market and the invention of the solar power case can be a great thing for the company. Those looking at iPhone 4 cases should check these cases out.