Thanks to the exclusivity of the IPhone AT&T has not really diversified their line up of phones over the past 3 years. I mean sure they did update their line up of Blackberrys and have been recently adding to their line up of Android powered phone, then even adding phones with WebOS. Since there seems to be an ever growing possibility that AT&T won’t have the exclusive rights to the IPhone, it seems as if they are now gearing up to be able to still attract more customers with their added line up of Blackberry, Android, and WebOS phones. An Apple insider reported that:

“Jeff Bradley, AT&T devices senior vice president, told Bloomberg that his company’s changes are not meant to protect against the end of iPhone exclusivity. He said the carrier plans to carry the iPhone for the “foreseeable future,” even after exclusivity expires, though he didn’t say when that would happen.”

I am happy to see that AT&T has greatly diversified their selection of smartphones so that it is not entirely reliant on the sales of the IPhone. They will be the only carrier with devices from all of the major OS’s, and this means even if exclusivity of the IPhone does end that they will be able to have phones for everyone.

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